Continuous Auditing and Business Assurance Monitoring for small, medium and large businesses.
Continuous Auditing and Business Assurance Monitoring for small, medium and large businesses.
Monitor your systems and processes and get an overall data integrity score. Receive reports of the anomalies or exceptions in sufficient detail to take the corrective action.
CABAM is a simple, user-friendly and cost-effective solution that helps organisations to improve:
Data Quality
Systems Integrity
Process Adherence / Compliance
Process & Business Efficiencies
Why CABAM is different
Most Business Intelligence or reporting solutions report the outputs of one or more processes.

CABAM is unique as its job is to jump into the middle of your processes and proactively look for issues that would typically only surface in month-end reconciliation or when reports don’t balance. It also aims to notify you when users don’t trust the systems, customers complain, the internal or external auditors raise an issue against your name or when you become liable for a fine for non compliance.
Here's what you can do with CABAM
CABAM can be used to compare 2 different values and see if they are equal, unequal, greater than or less than one another (including tolerances). When comparing values, they can be dates, numbers or text.

There are various comparisons that we do in your data to make sure that the rules that you have set in your processes are being adhered to.
Text Validation
Text validations in CABAM help us identify and measure all the small text issues that users put into a database.

These can be issues like free format text not being used, illegal characters in a text, invalid IDs or incomplete texts. CABAM will identify and measure those issues, giving you a score as to how compliant that master data or that transaction data is.
Master Data
Here we discuss how CABAM can help you to clean, maintain and measure your master data quality. Master Data is critical.

It is what we use to drive our apps, to drive all the transactions and to make sure the rules are being applied correctly, but Master Data is also critical when it comes to reporting, analysis and correlations. 

It is critical that Master Data is clean and CABAM is here to help you identify where you’ve got MasterData issues and then to measure it, score it and keep it clean.
Systems Integrity
In any system, you want to make sure that all your records are complete, accurate and valid.

CABAM is configured so that you can pick up where you don’t have the system integrity in place. It will compare files or tables from one system to files and tables in another system (or possibly the same system).

 Sometimes modules get out of sync. CABAM can be used to test that the system has integrity and that all the records are neatly reconciled from system to system.
Process Execution
Processes are often designed to perform a certain way, but once they are live, the process members don’t always execute those processes as designed – sometimes they do it inaccurately and other times they don’t do it completely or they do it out of sequence.

This section in CABAM is there to help you monitor your processes and make sure that people execute them the way they were designed.
The use cases of CABAM
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