CABAM Overview

You have come to the right place if you have any of the following issues

  • Data quality issues,
  • Inaccurate master data,
  • Reports that don’t balance,
  • System Integrations that don’t always balance,
  • Users not following business processes,
  • Processes that are not compliant with policy,
  • Many manual reconciliations at month end,
  • Users spending many hours a week, checking that their data balances.

CABAM is an acronym for: Continuous Auditing and Business Assurance Monitoring.

The solution consists of analytical software that monitors your systems and processes and provides an overall data integrity score, plus it reports the anomalies or exceptions in sufficient detail to take the corrective action.

The CABAM solution is:

  • Simple to use for non-technical people,
  • Beautiful and engaging
  • Cost effective  – paid monthly with no lock in contract.
  • Fast to implement – you’ll be up and running in a week.

CABAM will improve your:

  • Data Quality
  • System Integrity,
  • Process Adherence & Process Compliance
  • Error rates and Business Efficiencies.


Click on the “Examples Menu” above and have a look at the 2 minute videos that address specific use cases – from Comparing Values to Text Validations, Master Data Quality, System Integrity and Process Execution.

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