CABAM is a simple, user-friendly and cost-effective solution that helps organisations to improve:

  • Data Quality
  • System Integrities
  • Process Adherence / Compliance
  • Process & Business Efficiencies

Most Business Intelligence or reporting solutions report the outputs of one or more processes.

CABAM is unique as its job is to jump into the middle of your processes and proactively look for issues that would typically only surface in month-end reconciliation or when reports don’t balance. It also aims to notify you when users don’t trust the systems, customers complain, the internal or external auditors raise an issue against your name or when you become liable for a fine for non compliance.

CABAM provides a proactive error tracking and reporting solution that identifies and reduces errors before they eat into your profitability.


One of our clients used this mechanism as part of a group wide ERP system implementation. They were able to proactively identify issues ahead of time and manage their exceptions at master data and transactional level.

The net result was that the group deployed a 124 site ERP implementation on time, scope, and budget. And what’s even more impressive is that there were no trucks that couldn’t upload or offload, and no debtors or creditors that couldn’t be paid due to issues with the ERP system.

One of our clients told us:

“I used to wait once a year for the auditors to highlight issues in my data, which I could quickly fix.

I then started running transnational reports on an ad hoc basis, but it was always cumbersome and most of the time I forgot to run the checks.

Now we allow the continuous error dashboard to query all our databases every single day and return all the issues on a single page that is simple to monitor.

This is a huge time saver and ultimately increases our overall productivity, and it reduces the costs of fixing downstream issues before they even surface.”

CABAM is a subsidiary of KPI Management Solutions who have been providing analytical solutions for over 10 years in well known international organisations.