Data Reconciliation

In this function, we will demonstrate how CABAM can be used to do an automated and data reconciliation between 2 sets of data (even if they have different levels of detail). CABAM does this by using a simple dynamic waterfall chart and related grid. This is done in order to ensure integrity between two systems and provide users with confidence that the two systems do reconcile and that the numbers from either system can be trusted.

A good example is taking a Sales Ledger with Sales values coming and comparing and reconciling it to the values for revenue out of the general ledger. Often these 2 items don’t meet. CABAM will use Data Reconciliation to  fetch the unequal values and automatically create the reconciling items. Some examples may be sales recognised in the wrong month or the sales of raw materials (which isn’t a definition of Revenue for finance). Whatever is left out from the automated reconciliation will be flagged and marked by CABAM as an anomaly.