How CABAM Benefits Your Organisation:

CABAM will help your organisation improve:

  1. Data Quality and System Integrity
  2. Process Adherence and Process Compliance
  3. Business Efficiencies


1. Data Quality and System Integrity

  • Ensures that your master data is accurate, so that you can rely on the reports that come from your systems.
  • One simple place to get a view of everything not going according to plan or policy. This saves you from running hundreds of queries and reports to find errors and exceptions.

2. Process Adherence and Compliance

  • Reduces fines and penalties.
  • Ensures that your business stays compliant with laws and regulations.
  • Helps identify or prevent fraud.
  • Identifies quality issues early on.
  • Reduces the cost of internal auditing.
  • Ensures that people are following the business policies and procedures.

3. Business Efficiencies

Overall Efficiencies:

  • Leads to more accurate measurement and reporting
  • Improves decision making as the information is more reliable and predictable
  • Speeds up the reporting and analysis cycle, as there is less checking and re-checking of numbers before they are reported
    Improves overall employee productivity
  • Reduces administrative costs where processes and data management is undisciplined

Sales and Accounts Receivable

  • Reduces Revenue Leakage
    • Clients moving business elsewhere
    • Services delivered not billed to the client
    • Call offs not fully delivered
    • Deals that client confirmed are not taken up
  • Increases Margins
    • Prices increases go through timorously
    • Less discount overrides
  • Improves Customer Service
    • Clients get a more reliable service
    • Improves lead times and delivery
    • Promised delivery dates become more predictable as inventory records are more accurate
    • Less rework and issues results in orders going out on time
  • Reduces quality issues picked up by the client
    • Eliminate clients picking up quality issues after goods arrive
    • Prevents inaccurate invoicing or incorrect orders processed which leads to credit notes
  • Improves Collections & Cash flow
    • Overdue payments made visible the next day
    • Unapplied cash gets allocated quicker and accurately
    • Reduces the cost and frustration involved with processing credit notes

Procurement and Accounts Payable

  • Ensures the realisation of planned cost savings negotiated with suppliers
  • Prevents cash being paid before its due
  • Reduces excess Working Capital on raw materials and consumables not required
  • Helps eliminate ordering the wrong materials which results in write-offs
  • Ensures that discounts on offer are taken up
  • Identifies fraudulent payments and suspicious events
  • Identifies sloppy cost centre owners that could be creating weaknesses in controls which could lead to fraud or creating inefficiencies downstream
  • Ensures that comments and notes are posted at the right place so that there are explanations for transactions which avoids manual analysis.


  • Reduces administrative costs, where excessive non-value adding administration, caused when processes and data management is undisciplined
  • Reduces the costs and time with reconciliations and balancing sets of information
  • Eliminates the need to scrub data after the fact,in the reporting systems (BI, MI, Data Warehouse etc.)
  • Prevents the duplication of reporting when user don’t trust the numbers
  • Reduces the effort spent on troubleshooting, especially when issues have a ripple effect
  • Reduces the potential for incurring penalties with authorities e.g. VAT, Revenue Service, etc
  • Helps identify cost centre managers hiding costs to meet budget


  • Enforces operational policies and compliance including safety
  • Ensures costings are properly accounted for to avoid margin erosion
  • Improves productivity and efficiencies by reducing waste, overtime, and processes not executed according to the most efficient plan
  • Ensures that clients get delivery on time and in full
  • Reduces the knock on effect of finger trouble
  • Cycle counts take place and are done correctly
  • Master data (Items and Costings) are complete, accurate, and valid and posting the correct cost information into the GL
  • Avoids surprise write-offs of inventory at year end
  • Helps identify work orders that are stuck so that clients aren’t impacted with late orders
  • Avoids deliveries to wrong addresses or with the wrong loads.
  • Helps identify jobs that will come unstuck because incomplete or inaccurate information
  • Ensures right levels of stock by checking safety stock levels

Human Resources

  • Helps identify fictitious employees
  • Identifies suspicious changes to bank details or personal information
  • Reduces fraudulent payments to employees
  • Helps ensure that employee certifications are up to date